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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wondering What the ?

I had a huge run-in with Brad today. 

All seems to be calm now, but basically he did not like the fact that my father was going to be the one to receive my daughter when Brad brought her back home after her birthday dinner.   He completely freaked when he found out.  He called like 20 times, left 16 voice mails and texted a few times as well. I did not talk to him for almost six hours as he was repeatedly calling and leaving voice mails, threatening to take me to court, etc. He wanted me to change my plans, so I would be there to receive Cassie, but I refused. I gave him several options via email of other days when I would be there and he was not happy with any of those.

I just don't understand why he was so upset.  He says I agreed back in April that he would never have to deal directly with my parents. I don't remember this. He says I agreed to let him have Cassie on Friday for four hours. Fine - I never he couldn't have that, I just said my dad would be the one at home instead of me.  Basically, he knows my dad does not like him - no kidding. And he said my dad would be 'giving him looks' as he dropped Cassie off.   I replied that he could just stay by the car as she walked to the door, but he wasn't having any of it.  One of his last texts said something like "kids will be in custody of CPS within 48 hours if you don't answer the phone and talk to me."  Nice, huh?  

Finally after that text about CPS,  I did call to talk to him and it went predictably bad. I hung up when he screamed f*** you at me.  He told me he'd spent thousands of dollars already preparing court documents, that I had to humbly apologize or he would follow through on the court proceedings.   It was terrible, I was very upset and I didn't know what to do.  I called my mom and we strategized.  I did not want to give in, but I was afraid of what he might do if I did not.  I felt like I had to stand my ground.  I was mentally preparing an email denying him some extra time I had given him when he sent an email with a proposal.

Finally,  he had relented and come up with a slightly different option, to which I quickly agreed.  I don't know why he finally compromised.  Once again, his reaction was completely out of proportion to the situation.   I vaguely think it was some sort of jealousy, but I can't be sure.  He had assumed I would be home and when he found out I would not be, he became unhinged. 

He went insane for several hours and then sometime between 5:05pm and 5:59pm became somewhat rational again.  I don't get it, but I guess I never will.